Students explore the world of physics at Busch Gardens

Students explore the world of physics at Busch Gardens

Instead of being stuck in the classroom, high school physics students spent a day exploring real life applications of  formulas they have learned in class this semester.

Freshman physics teacher Ms. Danielle Groenen and AP Physics teacher Ms. Judy Perrella took their classes to Busch Gardens on Friday, December 7.  Chaperones included Principal Mrs. Camille Jowanna and ninth grade teachers Ms. Devan Adams, Mrs. Erin Krukar and Ms. Megan Dubee.

Besides physics worksheets on roller coasters, this year’s group had the chance to learn about the force of a hyena’s bite, magnets, oobleck, and the method for calculating a cheetah’s speed.

The freshmen, especially Olivia Rivas, enjoyed seeing the concepts they had studied come to life. “I like how you can find physics in virtually everything like the roller coasters, animals’ bite force and footprints.”

Students attended a Physics in Motion show, where three Academy students were chosen to demonstrate physics principles.  Students also visited the animal biomechanic interactive stations.   Jackie Joyce demonstrated conservation of energy in a nail-biting bowling ball stunt.  Remi Storch participated in a demonstration of how electromagnets are used in slowing down a rollercoaster car.  Olivia Kirkpatrick was chosen to demonstrate the concept of center of gravity.

Alicia Avila summed up students’ reaction to a long sunny day at Busch Gardens. “Physics Day was awesome!”



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Students explore the world of physics at Busch Gardens