Blood Drive success: 40 donors equals 34 pints of blood

Blood Drive success: 40 donors equals 34 pints of blood

The Fall Blood Drive proved to be a giant success at the Academy of the Holy Names with a total of 40 people registered and 34 pints drawn in total. High school students, faculty and staff bravely walked into the Blood Mobile on the Friday before Thanksgiving to help others and possibly save lives.

Food and drinks were brought in by the Interact Club members to ensure the well being of the donors. In addition, the Interact members also assisted donors in an out of the Blood Mobile to travel safely back into the school building.

AHN Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Zambrano was pleased to see that may were willing to donte for a noble cause and considered the event an incredible accomplishment.

“We had a very successful blood Drive. There were a lot of new blood doners, and as we wanted, most of them had a positive experience. We’ll likely continue participating in these blood drives many more times.”

Inspired by her desire to help those in  need,  Mrs. Zambrano started bringing the Blood Mobile to Academy about eight years ago. “I’ve always felt that it was a very, very important cause. I actually brought it to my church at one point too, so I feel very strongly about the idea of donating blood for others.”

This biannual blood drive, happening in the fall and once again in the spring, provides the AHN community with a great opportunity to help others. Usually 40 to 50 people, both teachers and students, participate in each drive.

Academy’s Interact Club helps coordinate this event. Posters, information sheets, and announcements spread the word to all eligible participants. Donors must be at least 16 years old, over 110 pounds in weight, and in good health. Donations begin at 9 AM and end at 4 PM.

Plenty of food and refreshments are provided for the donors, ensuring a smooth donation process. Especially after experiencing technical difficulties with air conditioning in last year’s van, Mrs. Z stresses the importance of a comfortable environment for blood donation.

“I feel that one of the most important things is to get Academy girls started here, in a safe caring environment where we feed them and give them high fives for doing it, in the hopes that many of them will continue to donate quietly when they go off to college. So if we get them started here, and they feel good about it and do okay with it, then they’re more likely to continue to donate.”

Students each year look forward to the blood drive. Junior Samantha Vargas can’t wait to help because last year’s difficulties in the Blood Mobile prevented her from participating.  “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always seen my dad come home with one of those blood drive shirts because they would always have one at his work. That made me really want to be like my father and give blood to help others.”

Mrs. Zambrano reminds everyone that just one donation of blood can save the life of up to three patients. “Donations are a gift of life; you can’t get synthetic blood.”

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Blood Drive success: 40 donors equals 34 pints of blood