From Saturnalia to Bean Cake, AHN clubs celebrate last meeting of the year

From Saturnalia to Bean Cake, AHN clubs celebrate last meeting of the year

‘Tis the season at Academy, even with students studying and finishing up exams this week. Academy clubs did not let their last club meetings last Wednesday go by without celebrating the upcoming holiday. Some clubs kept busy with club projects and a few holiday treats.

Many clubs, such as S-Club, took a laid-back approach and watched movies to get in the holiday spirit while they enjoyed Christmas sweets.  However, the Empowering Women Club dedicated their time to writing Christmas cards for the troops overseas. They also celebrated with a Secret Santa gift exchange.

The biggest celebration was held by the Latin Club in its tradition of celebrating Saturnalia, a Roman holiday. The three presidents of the club, Li Stalder, MK Khan, and Caroline Donica, or “the Triumvirate” as they like to be called, explained the origin of Saturnalia as part of this club tradition.

“In the Roman times, it was a pagan holiday that worshiped one of their gods, Saturn, for a good harvest. During this time, the slaves would switch places with their masters and were served dinner before them. This pagan holiday was the foundation for what today is Christmas. During that time, the Roman Catholics were being persecuted and needed to celebrate the birth of Jesus in secret. They used the week-long celebration of Saturnalia as a cover up for their own worship.”

Latin Club members mixed together the two holidays of Christmas and Saturnalia with a variety of foods including Cuban sandwiches, a S’mores cake, and Buffalo dip. Junior Janelle Enriquez explained a tradition they practice every year. “Each member of the club receives a slice of a dessert called ‘Bean Cake.’ In the cake is one single bean, and whoever’s slice holds the bean receives good fortune. This tradition also derives from the Romans, who gave the bean finder the honor of becoming the “Master of Ceremonies” for the entire holiday.”

Sophomore Carmelle Kuizon said that Latin Club members look forward to this party every year. “Saturnalia is the best holiday ever!”


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  • CarrieDec 18, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    We’re such a cool club!

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From Saturnalia to Bean Cake, AHN clubs celebrate last meeting of the year