AHN serves Horses for Handicapped, Trinity Cafe, Pinellas Hope and Habitat for Humanity


After a busy morning Mr. Raimo grabs a quick lunch with Carly Stagg, Rae Knopik, Gracie Gonzalez, Tori Litschgi, and Cara Millburg.

Happy workers from AHN were everywhere in the Tampa Bay area for Spirit Week Service Tuesday.

President Mr. Art Raimo and Mrs. Patricia Loesekann headed up the group who served at Trinity Cafe.  The AHN volunteers worked as servers and hostesses in a restaurant style cafe for the homeless and hungry.  The girls worked to show that they cared about the guests and to provide a warm smile to brighten up someone’s day.  Meanwhile, Spirit Week Co-Chair Mrs Danielle Groenen moderated a group who served Habitat for Humanity, mending household items and stocking supplies.

Horses for Handicapped, moderated by Mrs. Judy Perella and Mrs. Edie LeBas, was the destination for a smaller group of Academy girls, many of whom have equestrian experience. The girls enjoyed an introductory video and a tour of the outdoor dressage training areas.  AHN volunteers watched the riders practice for their dressage competition this weekend near Ocala.  Some of the riders were able to manage on their own, while others had the support of the staff on hand.

These girls completed their chores in record time, including washing down carriages, cleaning out stalls, refreshing  saw dust, and brushing down horse blankets.  The site north of Tampa featured 22 acres of trees, pastures, lakes, birds, and a few gators.

Pinellas Hope, moderated by Mrs. Linda Nutter and Mrs. Dana Nazaretian, was a perfect place for girls who wanted to work outside helping with the Hope Garden, which produces food for the 300 residents .  Catholic Charities of the Dicoese of St Petersburg support Pinellas Hope on 20 acres of land in Pinellas Park.

Academy girls also visited the Mendez Center, a school for students from PreK to 12th grade. Students at this school may have experienced severe emotional trauma or may need remediation to catch up to their grade level.  Academy volunteers helped third and fourth graders with their reading comprehension and their addition and multiplication skills.  Highlights of the day included helping with cookie decorating and playing outside with the kids during PE.  Administration and teachers at the Mendez Center were overjoyed to have the extra help and invited any volunteers to come back whenever they can.