‘Merica Monday kicked off 2013 Spirit Week with Mass and faith-sharing by Cooper Ray


Cooper Ray has inspired students across the country through his faith-sharing and music.

Priscilla Vasquez, Junior Section Editor

Wearing their yellow sweaters and Mass uniforms, AHN high school students kicked off 2013 Spirit Week in Brady Center North at an all-school Mass celebrating Catholic Schools Week.

AHN President Mr. Arthur Raimo spoke about Catholic Schools Week and its importance. “You are blessed  to attend a school that celebrates and teaches the Catholic faith.  Make the most of community service tomorrow as you model your faith in service. “

Father Steve Ryan of Mary Help of Christian celebrated the Mass.  Father Steve emphasized the specialty of Catholic Schools.  He also explained that January 28 was the feast day of St. Thomas Acquinas.  After a brief history of the saint, Father Steve said that St. Thomas showed humility throughout his life and that we should follow in his example.
The Mass helped Academy students prepare for their community service day.  To see photos from community service day: https://www.achonaonline.com/spirit-week-updates/2012/01/26/community-service-day/

After Mass, many students added the following “American” theme accessories to celebrate the day:

  • Patriotic Accessories
  • Red, white, and blue ribbons
  • Gasparilla beads

In the afternoon, students assembled back in Brady Center for a faith-sharing and musical presentation by Cooper Ray. Overall reactions to his presentation were positive.

Junior Lauren Ayers thought that Cooper Ray connected with Academy girls.  “ The stories he told were very relatable.”

Bridget Davis felt Ray got everyone’s attention.  “ It was an energy-filled performance.”

Alana Adams loved showing off her dance moves during the presentation.  “I really enjoyed it.”

Senior Arlyn Barlaan said that Ray’s speaking touched her. “It was really nice hearing from someone who understands what we go through.”