Neon, school spirit, and Jagball? Oh my!

Neon, school spirit, and Jagball? Oh my!

2013 Jagball turned up the neon on Friday, February 8,  complete with dodge balls, team spirit, neon colors and strobe lights. Girls from every grade came to support their team, wearing Jagball T-shirts and glow bracelets.

During halftime,the audience was also blown away by a lovely performance from the AHN Jaguarettes Dance Team.

Each grade competed against one another in hopes to be the last grade standing – literally. These battles led up to the final tournament between the Seniors and Juniors. After both teams discussed their plan of attack, it was time to play. Throwing balls left and right, the game proved to be one of the most intense in Jagball history. Seniors took the first place tittle once again, confirming their amazing abilities.

A night of teamwork and fun ended in the center of the court as all students to sing the Alma Mater. Although there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, the girls realize that their sisterhood is here to stay.

Battle of the grades continues this Friday night as Academy girls will compete against each other in the annual Jagball tournament. Student Council has spent the last several weeks planning for an incredible night filled with dodgeballs, team spirit, neon colors and strobe lights?

That’s right, AHN students are invited to a neon-themed Jagball tournament this year and everyone can agree that it will be a night to rave about.

Junior Priscilla Vasquez is already excited about the event. “I think the theme this year is different and innovative.”

Brave students from each grade have already turned in their applications and are ready for a fierce dodgeball battle. In addition, bright t-shirts featuring each team are currently on for $10 in Ms. Jenny Van Pelt’s classroom.

Stay tuned for an evening of intense competition and bright colored madness.

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Neon, school spirit, and Jagball? Oh my!