Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Mullarkey moves on to new career milestone with fond memories of AHN


Mr. Mullarky looks forward to his new job, but will never forget about the great experiences he had here at Academy.

KeTaira Phillips, Creative Media Editor

As AHN graduating seniors look forward to new opportunities and responsibilities next year in college,  Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Mullarkey will continue his leadership as the new principal of Annunciation Catholic School in Middleburg, Florida.   Although he looks forward to new experiences and challenges in his new school, Mr. Mullarkey will take a little bit of Academy with him when he leaves in June.

Three years ago when Mr. Mullarkey first stepped onto Academy’s campus, he was as excited to be a part of the Academy community as AHN freshmen were on their first day of high school. As an administrator and English teacher at St. Petersburg Catholic High School,  Mr. Mullarkey looked forward to working at Academy.

Mr. Mullarkey reminisced recently about his first Orientation Day with a blissful smile. Seeing the girls cheer and laugh as sisters, Mr. Mullarkey knew that his next three years would overflow with fun adventures. “I was blown away by how Mrs. VanPelt’s Student Council members filled the room with so much spirit.”

Mr. Mullarkey considers one of his best memories as Assistant Principal will be in assisting with the Senior Prank this year.“It felt great helping and supervising the event. The Seniors did a great job and worked within the required parameters.”

He has loved every moment of being part of the Academy family. “Academy girls are wonderful, intelligent and challenging in a good way.”

Mr. Mullarkey believes that Academy has prepared him well for taking on the leadership of a new K-8 Catholic school south of Jacksonville.  Annunciation serves as the parish school for three parish churches within the Diocese of St. Augustine.  Students from the middle school attend either Bishop Snyder or Bishop Kenny High School, both of which are known for top academic expectations.

Mr. Mullarkey knows that he will miss Academy students and will miss seeing students in Grades 9-11 graduate.  “I imagine that I’ll be back for a few events. I’m always open to invitations.”