Golden Girls Club provides years of memories and life lessons

Golden Girls Club provides years of memories and life lessons

With the year coming to a close, AHN clubs are wishing their senior members goodbye and luck for their future.  As the president of Golden Girls for this school year, I personally had an amazing experience with the club and everything I learned by my involvement.

I had the privilege of becoming a Golden Girl member in my freshman year.  Mrs. Mara Schultz, our moderator, was a former teacher, a friend, a loved one, and a swimming coach , who lost her battle with cancer in May of 2009.  Mrs. Schultz taught all her students and our club members about leadership, compassion, patience, and creativity.  She and her many life lessons will forever be in our hearts.

Mrs. Debbie Collins,  Technology Specialist, and Ms. Danielle Groenen, math teacher,  then took on the intense role as moderators of this very active club.  I am so thankful for all their help with Spirit Week and organizing the many activities and details that go with running this special event.

Both moderators have helped me learn countless life lessons over the past few years.  Prior to high school, I was shy and terrified to speak in public.  Now, I feel much more confident when speaking to administration, the entire student body, and the club.  I learned crucial leadership skills that I will utilize for the rest of my life.  I also enjoyed shopping for gifts for the teams competing at states and showcasing my creative side.  I love to organize and plan, so working countless hours on Spirit Week and the club has been a blast!

Looking back on my AHN experience, my time with Golden Girls will be present in many of the memories and gratitude I feel blessed to possess.  I cannot thank Mrs. Collins, Ms. Groenen, the administration, and my fellow club members enough for everything I will take from this experiences and the amazing times I have enjoyed.

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Golden Girls Club provides years of memories and life lessons