37 pints of blood donated for fall Interact Blood Drive


The Blood Mobile parks outside of Academy, eager to receive donors.

The fall 2013 blood drive proved to be a success thanks to the donations from the Academy family. As always, the Blood Mobile pulled up to the Academy campus on the morning of Tuesday, November 12 ready to receive blood from students, faculty, and staff.

After receiving the final tally from One Blood, Interact Club moderator, Mrs. Rebeca Zambrano was proud to announce that there were a total of 45 donors and 37 pints of blood were collected. This exceeded last year’s amount of 40 donors and 34 pints.

Blood donating veteran, Theresa Lopez, was ecstatic to hear the amount donated this past Tuesday.

“I think that 37 pints is amazing! Everyone should donate if they can!”

Although this was Lopez’s fourth time giving blood, she understands how the donation process can be a bit nerve-wracking.

“Every time I donate I get nervous right before because you never know what’s going to happen. But afterwards, I felt fine, as always. I just made sure to eat a lot of food, get a lot of sleep, and drink a lot of water beforehand.”

There’s no doubt that giving blood, especially for the first time, can be intimidating. However, knowing what to expect may help soften the blow. So before saying no, potential first time donors should know the entire process.

Donors first arrive to the biology lab where they await to be escorted by an Interact Club member downstairs to the Blood Mobile. They must first present identification to a staff member and then are seated in a comfy chair inside the van. The donor has a mini-physical which consists of a temperature, hemoglobin, blood pressure and pulse check. If all is well, staff members can begin the blood draw. Blood collection only takes about eight to ten minutes total.  Once the donation is complete, refreshments are provided to allow the body time to adjust to the slight decrease in fluid volume. Donors are once again escorted back to the biology lab by an Interact member to sit and enjoy more munchies and soda.

Girls from 16 years old can sign up to donate blood, with a parent’s consent. Contributor must weigh at least 110 lbs. and be healthy enough to give.

This year, the Interact Club members brought in fruits, crackers, soda, and other snacks for the donors. Interact mothers provided salad, bread, and several trays of lasagna for lunch.

Interact Club President, Hannah Crall agrees that first 2013-2014 school year blood drive was a success and that girls were generous and fearless during the process.

“The blood drive the always a great experience for students. It teaches the importance of giving to others and could start a lifelong habit of regular donations! It’s so cool to watch the girls face their fears and overcome them to save the lives of others.”