Golden Girls Announce CSW spirit days


Photo Credit: Kristen Dawson

Golden Girls have finally announced Spirit Day Themes after months of preperation

Kristen Dawson, Senior Staff Writer

Catholic Schools Week is coming up next week (January 27-31). Since we do not have a football team, Spirit Week to Academy girls is like Homecoming week to other schools. Each class dresses in unison to try and beat the other classes for the title of Spirit Week Champions. The Golden Girls have chosen the final themes for each day, the schedule is as follows:

Monday: Malibu Monday (accessories only)

Tuesday: Community Service Day (No classes)

Wednesday: Work Force Wednesday

Freshmen- Starbucks Baristas

Sophomores- Trade Professionals

Juniors- Doctors

Seniors- White Collar

Thursday: Television

Freshmen- News

Sophomores- Educational

Juniors- Game Shows

Seniors- Kid Shows

Friday: Fairy Tales (the classes are keeping this one a secret!)

Pep Rally– Get ready for an afternoon  full of skits and dancing by the Jaguarettes and some of our very own (non-dancer) students.

Each grade will select the best dressed in their class to send down to the courtyard to be judges and ranked first to fourth on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The judges will be Mrs. Chase, Ms. Filocco and Mrs. West. First place will receive 400 points, second place will receive 300 points, third will receive 200 points and fourth will receive 100 points for their class.