Easter Mass: A Holy Start


Crusifix represents Easter

Tuesday, April 22, the Academy girls return from Easter Break. The school holds an all school mass to start off the week, which includes Pre-K all the way to 12th grade. It brings the students and staff together as one to celebrate the impotance of Easter as a whole.  

Mass starts with a speech from President Art Raimo. “It’s appropriate for us that we come back to school to celebrate Easter as the entire Academy family”.

Here at the Academy, the Easter Mass is important for our seniors due to the fact that this is their all school mass. President Raimo prays for their saftey as they move on to college. “As we pray today, let us pray together, let us pray for one another, let us pray for our seniors as this is the last mass that they will participate in here at the Academy. We pray for their final days at the Academy, succesful completion of their time at the Academy. We wish the very best for community at they move on to college”.

As always, the message recieved during this Easter Mass is about happiness and appreciating life and faith.

Father Steve Ryan starts of the mass by bringing happiness to the school through music that everyone can relate to. “I’ve got a joy joy joy joy deep in my heart, deep in my heart to stay”. He always has a fantastic way of making the school alive and happy.

He shares the story of how Jesus died on the cross for us and rose from the tomb and how Mary was in such shock she couldn’t beleive it was him. Mary then ran off and told the whole community. This rising gave the people hope which carries on to today’s world.

This time as a school together helps us all realize how blessed we really are and starts off the week in a brightening way.