Plastic Surgery: Teen impact

“I wish I had a twin so I could know what I’d look like without plastic surgery,” was one of comedian Joan Rivers popular quotes from the hit series on E!, Fashion Police. After suffering from heart failure during vocal cord surgery, the star passed away September 4, 2014 after being on life support for a week. Rivers was not only known for her crude jokes about celebrity clothing, but for her obscene amount of plastic surgery. The surgeries she underwent included: botox injections, multiple nose jobs, liposuction, an eye tuck, and several face lifts. Joan is not the only star who has gotten plastic surgery.  Stars including Bruce Jenner and Ashley Tisdale have also gotten nose jobs and face lifts. The question is, are these big stars impacting young adult’s decision to get procedures done?

Actress Ashley Tisdale before and after her rhinoplasty. plasticsurgerybeforeandafter
Reality Star and Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner before and after surgery


Shows such as E! networks Botched and Fox’s The Swan promote plastic surgery as something that can fix your appearance. Teens typically compare themselves to others which impacts their self-esteem. If one does not find their looks to be appealing, they find plastic surgery as the problem solver.

Statistics show 76,220 plastic surgery operations took place on teens in 2012. What many young adults don’t realize is how these procedures can become addicting. Once specific looks are corrected, other looks that need to be corrected become noticeable. Sophomore Rachel Tata believes, “Plastic surgery is one of those things [that] when you get it once, you desire to get it again because they notice more features about themselves that they would like to change. It’s very deceiving. People who think they need plastic surgery are very beautiful before they go through the operation.”

Teenagers are constantly confused as to why younger celebrities seem much older than they really are. This is all due to the multiple procedures they’ve undergone. Women especially have no desire to look older, and as a result, plastic surgery is the first option.  When sophomore Addison Diaz was asked about her opinion of  teen operations she responded, “Plastic surgery is addictive because it’s really hard for people to find things in themselves that they like, or they are getting plastic surgery to cover up things in the inside.” Plastic surgery is not always necessary for everybody, because things can always go wrong, and fixing what’s been done is not always easy. Mistakes include bad scaring, new fat in new places from liposuction, and sometimes, the procedure can be overdone. Instead of going through the long and difficult process of getting plastic surgery, simple options to change your appearance include dying hair, shaping eyebrows differently, or maybe just changing the way you dress. There is always a simpler way to change your appearance without having to go under the knife.

The Real Housewives of Miami star Elsa Patton before and after multiple lifts and injections.