What is Gravitas and why should you be reading it?



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Stop by any Target, Publix, or CVS. In the check out lane there are more often than not beautiful celebrity faces smiling at you. When you pick up that women’s magazine a scene its cover,  it will feature a half naked woman telling you how to lose weight, look good, and please men. The saturation of these ideas make it seem like they are the only ones women care about. Junior Giorgia Flanagan explains that this is not true. “I don’t like women’s magazines. I don’t care about the latest fall fashions and I don’t care for diets.”

Junior Sofia Curry feels that women’s magazines are irrelevant.“Often times when I go to pick up a magazine, the headlines turn me away. The ideas they express doesn’t support individuality.”

Gravitas Magazine– a magazine for modern women of style and purpose. It is a new magazine for women based on wisdom, inspiration, and authenticity. “Women today have rich, complex lives, but so few publications seem to truly speak to the modern women.” Publisher and Editor- In- Chief, Jules Gibson argues. “While other magazines appeal to fantasies of youth and fashion, GRAVITAS illuminates true beauty.”

Junior Mimi Kamm agrees with the GRAVITAS vision.“I will read the magazines however I do not find the information relative to my lifestyle. I feel that as a teenager you need to have more important goals other looking fit and tan.GRAVITAS seems  like a magazine that gives you better things to aspire to and I will definitely read it in the future.”

The word gravitas means dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner and this is just what the magazine promotes. Instead of focusing on celebrity buzz and gossip, GRAVITAS inspires readers with knowledge and integrity on a variety of topics—from business and health to fashion and the arts. GRAVITAS also puts a great influence on women in their magazine, from articles on local women in the news, international women, and women in history. At an all girl school, it is important to emerge ourselves into this world of female empowerment instead of reading popular magazines that focus solely on beauty and aesthetics.

In addition, profits from GRAVITAS Magazine help to fund The GRAVITAS Foundation, a non-profit foundation, created to offer women educational and entrepreneurial opportunities. Still not convinced to read it? Order your subscription today and see for yourself. Not only will the magazine broaden your own knowledge, but also help young women in our community who lack these opportunities.

Check out the fall issue today at http://gravitasmag.com.