Can TV manipulate relationships?


Caroline Lozo

Gossip Girl first premiered in 2007 and has since then taken the nation by storm

What role does television play when it comes to trusting someone who you are in a relationship with, friends with or even when it comes to trusting a family member?  Trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose.  Watching scandalous television series lure viewers in through the drama aspect of it.

Trust and betrayal go hand and hand. Have you ever seen the television series Pretty Little Liars? Or Gossip Girl? These two drama programs target young girls. The main characters in these series portray betrayal, fake friends and backstabbing. This can influence young girls who are watching these shows. It can change their attitude, and the way they treat others.

As viewers, we do not always notice how our personalities change because of what we are watching. We do not think that it influence us.

According to the Huffington Post, “The shows we watch (whether we know it or not) shape our personalities, style and interests to help us define ourselves.”

Do you ever see shows targeted for men that are about betrayal or backstabbing? Not often, but for example, one of my favorite shows is Teen Wolf and in this television series there is a group of best friends who always have each others backs.  The men look out for each other and are there for each other.

Although a television series can affect your personality do you think it can effect a decision that you make in real life?

Junior Karlee Nipper explains that she has collected some preconceptions about people, places and things from television, but does not think it has ever influenced her in a life decision entirely.

After researching this, I believe that TV broadcasts every show for a reason, even commercials.