New Classes To Be Offered at AHN Next Year


Photo Credit: Emily Wise

New classes help diversify the courses girls can take.

There are many new and exciting changes coming to the Academy in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Considering the change of Sr. Lisa Perkowski as department chair, along with new visual arts teacher Erin Franklin and performing arts director Vivian Kimbler,  the fine arts department is looking to make some major changes to its curriculum. The science department, with Judy Perrella as chair, is making changes in the curriculum too.


The classes in the fine arts department are being designed to fit a students level of interest and ability. The advanced classes must be auditioned for. Kimbler says that the people in these classes are the ones that will be chosen for things like recitals, concerts, and plays. This is going to benefit the arts department greatly. Kimbler believes because of this change “the fine arts department will be unrecognizable in five years.”  Sr. Lisa is creating a different curriculum for the visual arts as well. With the help of Franklin they are making the arts classes something that can turn a beginner artist into an expert from freshmen to senior year. There will also be a full year class offered in the visual arts, rather than just a semester. This class combines drawing and painting. It takes the knowledge and background of drawing learned in the first semester and apply it to the technique of painting learned in semester two. This, and many other changes, are going to help students who are interested in the arts for a career or even just as a hobby.

The goals of the change in the science department are described by Perrella, “The goal of the new classes is to level out the choices. Now there are two CP, two Honors, and whatever AP courses will go through.” The science department is going to be offering different classes from the previous year in the 2015-2016 school year. “Forensics honors is being offered and Anatomy is being brought down from an Honors level class to a CP. The science department is always changing from year to year.”  Many girls seem to be interested in taking the new forensics class next year. Forensic science has to do with the science of investigating crimes. Some things that students might be learning are: fingerprinting, DNA profiling, blood and blood splatter, and drug identification and toxicology. This is the first year that the forensics class is being offered to students and it seems like it is a very popular choice already. The science department has expressed that there there will defiantly be at least one class because of the amount of girls that showed interest in it.  Junior Lily Oliva is one of many who is signed to take this class next year, “I am interested in taking forensics because I would like to know how the crimes are solved by matching DNA to the suspect. I see it on CSI Miami all the time and I find it very interesting.” This class is a good choice for girls who want a higher level science that is not an AP and for girls who are looking to veer away from the typical science classes and broaden there horizons.

The teachers and students are very excited for the change in the curriculum. These classes are creating a more diverse education experience at the Academy. Many girls can use these helpful classes as a step up for when they got to college or when deciding what career they are going to choose. It helps students figure out their talents and abilities. Some may take a class of the complete opposite reason They may not want to focus their future on things such as forensic science or drama, but they just think it will be fun and are curious about that subject. Or they just need to fill a spot on their schedule. No matter what the reason is for taking the class, they are still very helpful and are diversifying The Academy of the Holy Names educational experience.