#AHNgoesgold for Childhood Cancer Awareness


Photo Credit: Remi Storch

Seniors posing for picture to show off their support for the go gold dress down day

This past Wednesday the entire Academy of the Holy Names student body participated in #AHNgoesgold to raise money and honor our deceased sister Sydney Wynne (‘16). With the help of Pediatric Cancer Foundation, senior and survivor, Remi Storch started the first annual dress down day to raise money and awareness. Donations were welcomed if you did not want to participate in the dress out; if you did participate you were asked to donate $1 if you wore a gold shirt, and $2 if you wore jeans and a gold shirt. Through the help of everyone that participated, Remi was able to raise (amount of money) in Syd’s honor to donate to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Weeks before the event even occurred, Senior Remi Storch began hanging up banners around the school to get the word out. The student council members also got in on the act and posted on their class pages, as well as made announcements to their homerooms to make sure everyone knew about #AHNgoesgold.

The day of the event was a huge success! Remi Storch exclaims, “I am so happy that I was finally able to start a fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer here at AHN! I’m so grateful we were so successful and able to raise so much money. Thank you to everyone that participated and donated!” She could not be happier with the result helping to honor and remember our sister Syd, and hopes to help find a cure so no other kids have to fight this horrible disease.