The Achona class poses for a final picture together before the seniors graduate. (Photo credit: Olivia Payne/Used with permission)
The Achona class poses for a final picture together before the seniors graduate.

Photo credit: Olivia Payne/Used with permission

The seniors’ guide for the class of 2024

May 2, 2023

The seniors at AHN graduate on May 23. As the class of 2023 leaves for college, the rising class of 2024 prepares to become seniors. Senior year is stressful and filled with college applications and decisions. To make this year easier for the rising senior class, some of the current seniors offered a few tips on getting through the year.

  • “My best advice would be to get your college applications done before senior year starts so you’re not freaking out the night they’re due!!” said Regina Alfonso. 


  • “My biggest piece of advice would be to get as much college application stuff done in the summer. Make sure your resume, college list, and Common App essay are done before the school year starts because it will make your life so much easier come the fall!” said Brynn Willary.


  • For me, a tip to “how to survive” is using the slounge as your safe haven. Want to take a nap before school starts? Slounge. Want to take a breather from class? Slounge. USE YOUR SLOUNGE PRIVILEGES!!!” said Mykhia Pursley. 


  • “My biggest piece of advice would be to get all of the college stuff done over the summer like your resume, essay, and everything extra. It’s the most important way to not be stressed out senior year. You don’t want to procrastinate on this stuff because it’s really important” said Sara O’Connor.


  • “I didn’t fully understand this until probably halfway through my senior year, but it really is okay to make mistakes and ask for help when you need it. This community is here to help you grow and learn, and as long as you show that you are working hard, you will not fail. Also, honor your club commitments and please for the love of god don’t procrastinate your college applications until Christmas break. You got this!!” said Aspen Hunter.


  • “I would say that my number 1 tip to the rising seniors is to space out their college essay writing. I recommend writing the Common App essay over the summer and working on one supplemental essay a week” said Avery Rogan.


Overall, Juniors, enjoy your final year in high school because it will fly by faster than you think. Also, get those college essays and applications done as soon as possible or else the year will be very stressful trying to make deadlines. Remember to use your senior privileges and the slounge to your advantage. Good luck class of 2024!

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