Annual ArtsFest promotes water conservation


Posters and invitations to ArtFest highlight the water theme of the event.

Drip, drip, drip. Is that the sound of a long shower? The faucet running while you brush your teeth? The sprinkler system?  You may take this precious resource for granted, but it is not limitless. The annual ArtsFest’s “RE-Think” theme emphasizes water conservation through the student’s artwork and supporting the SNJM water initiative.  On Thursday, evening, April 25, Academy will showcase the efforts of the SNJM and AHN students to make movements for water conservation and display the beautiful art pieces of students.

Efforts for water conservation and awareness is not limited to art students.  All Academy students will express  their views on the water initiative by creating a “sea of ribbons” that will decorate the courtyard. These multi-colored ribbons, created in English classrooms across campus, will boast their written thoughts about water and their own, personal, conservation efforts.

Students will also sell aluminum water bottles during select days at break and lunch for ten dollars. All of the proceeds will go towards building homes and wells in Lesotho, Africa.   The water conservation movement is extremely important to art teacher Mrs. Sharon West.  “Our goal is two-fold: ‘banning’ the plastic water bottle on campus and supporting the SNJM mission. If we are truly committed, then I hope that we all can be role models and activists for this cause.”

For the next few days, students will present information about the water initiative on the morning show. Students have received invitations for ArtsFest to support their fellow sisters’ artwork and SNJM water conservation initiative.