Your Fairy Godsister


So I got the idea for this column after being betrayed by Pinterest.  I was looking to rid my hair of the frizz caused by the Florida humidity. I thought I found the perfect solution in a DIY hair mask consisting of brown sugar, honey and vinegar.  My results were anything but sweet. Instead of the sleek, shiny hair shown in the “pin”, I had crunchy, wavy hair that smelled like a 1905 salad. After that day, I thought of all the other girls who had been deceived.  I knew that it was my civic duty to call out all the imposters. (Okay, that last sentence sounded a little dramatic.) Basically, with this column I hope to introduce beauty and style techniques that actually work. I also hope to talk about body image and other issues as well. I believe that having a beautiful inside is just as important as the exterior. So before you use hydrogen peroxide to get that perfect ombré hair color (please don’t!), take a look at this column.  Just think of me as your fairy godsister.