Long lasting lip color for a New Year


My favorite make up look of all time. Shout out to my MAC artist Shayla!

Priscilla Vasquez, Lifestyle Editor

Although the Christmas season has come and passed, there is a makeup trend that is here to stay: bold lipstick.  I try to find any reason to wear red lipstick.  I think lipstick can brighten your face, without the hassle.  Plus, with so many shades out there, you can create a variety of looks.  However, I think a lot of girls shy away from lipstick since it does not last and dehydrates lips.  Therefore, I decided to compile a few tips on how to make your lipstick look and feel great.

The most important component of a lipstick look is the lipstick itself.  The task of finding the right shade and finish can be daunting due to the array of options.  However, discovering the perfect shade of red or baby pink can be an enjoyable experience.  Take a friend or your sister and make a day of it.  Or if you find yourself not knowing where to start, ask one of the sales associates for guidance.  Some of my absolute favorite lip colors have been recommended to me by a sales associate.  Now when it comes to finish, I recommend a matte finish.  Although matte finishes are dry, they rarely need to be reapplied. My favorite matte lipstick is Russian Red by MAC.  The color looks flattering on almost everyone and is not too striking.

Lipstick application is just as important as the lipstick you choose. Before you apply any lip color, swipe on your favorite lip balm.  Moisturizing your lips beforehand will make it easier to apply your lip color ( especially when applying a matte lipstick).  Whenever I am getting ready, I like to use an EOS lip balm to create a clean canvas for my lip color.

Once your lips are moisturized, line your lips with a lip liner that matches your lip color.  Lining your lips will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and keep your color in check.  As someone who has an extensive lipstick collection, I found it impractical (and super expensive) to buy a lip liner for every single lipstick that I own. So after a little research I found a make up miracle in the form of Make Up For Ever’s Lip Line Perfector.  The invisible pencil naturally matches any lip shade and keeps lipstick in place (the $20 is totally worth it)!

Now, it’s time to apply your lipstick.  Carefully apply one coat of color and then (here comes the trick!) apply some translucent powder.  The powder will prolong the wear of your lipstick.  Whenever I’m in need of long lasting lip wear I use elf’s Studio High Definition Powder.  The powder feels light and keeps my lipstick from wiping off.  Once your powder is on, swipe on another layer of lipstick and you’re ready to go.

The most important thing about sporting a bold lip is owning it. At times, I’ve felt a little silly wearing a bright red lip (along with fake eyelashes) at Sunday brunch.  However, at the end of the day it’s all about confidence and owning your style.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading! Comment below and remember to suggest what I should write about next!