The pirates are coming…what will you be wearing?


Alison Foley

DKM Gasparilla jewels

Tampa’s biggest holiday, Gasparilla, is right around the corner. The one thing on every Academy girl’s mind is what to wear, because it is a day where it is socially acceptable to dress a little edgy and go all out. Tampa is filled with places to help you achieve the perfect pirate day outfit.

Black, white, and red are usually the popular color choices among AHN girls. The bipolar weather of Tampa can also cause a dilemma. It’s vital to make sure your outfit is versatile.Adding a simple sweater over your shirt will not change the theme of your outfit but keep you warm.

No matter how extreme you plan on dressing, it is important to be practical. High heels and a dress do not work as a suitable outfit.  Freshman Olivia Valdes says, “I’m hoping to find a cute outfit that I can still be comfortable in.”

DKM is filled with Gasparilla jewels. From skull rings to necklaces to bracelets they have it all. DKM offers a great variety and is conveniently located near Academy. “We always like to have new things every year and have custom stuff coming in for the event,” says DKM employee Beth Weaver.

Other boutiques such as The Look and Keys Country have fashionable finds. The Look will help you complete an edgy look, offering leather shorts and different tops. Key’s Country has a variety of Gasparilla attire such as skull tees.

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Junior Olivia Joseph shows off what she plans to wear come Gasparilla. High waisted shorts are a good option, because it is easy to find a top like the simple back-less one shown. Olivia’s shorts are from American Eagle and her top from Tobi. By wearing shoes like Keds or Converse, “I don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or in pain because of all the walking,” comments Joseph.

For more outfit ideas check out our Pinterest board created specially for Gasparilla.