CVS vows to end tobacco sales

CVS vows to end tobacco sales

Megan Glogowski, Senior Staff Writer

On February 5, CVS pharmacy announced their plan to remove all tobacco products from their stores, and refuse to sell them starting October 1 of this year. The decision to phase out the selling of cigarettes by CVS could cost them about $2 million in revenue. Their bold move allows their competitors, such as Walgreens to pick up  former CVS tobacco customers and the income tobacco products brings.

If taking all tobacco off the shelves in the 7,600 CVS stores hurts them financially, why are they taking such a drastic measure? Company profits aren’t the most important thing, the health of the nation is. According to the CVS company, “The sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose — helping people on their path to better health.”

Although it’s not the smartest business move, CVS is doing the right thing. They are being selfless and thinking of the overall health care of America, not caring about money. It’s a great example of acting for the sake of the greater good. A lesson many people can learn from.

It’s estimated that 480,000 people die a year from smoking in America. By CVS removing tobacco products from their stores, they are aiming to reduce that number by decreasing the places people can obtain the deadly substance.

I applaud CVS for taking a step towards a tobacco-free America. Hopefully their initiative towards a healthier community will encourage other companies and organizations to take the same selfless action.

CVS President and CEO Larry Merlo believes,“cigarettes and tobacco products have no place in a setting where health care is delivered.”

As CVS pharmacy makes the transition into a health care program, they need to be taken seriously; if they sell a product that causes numerous diseases and death they will lose respect. To take a step closer to their goal of becoming a health care provider, the removal of harmful tobacco substances is necessary.

They will not only help reduce the number of people buying, and therefore reducing the number of people using tobacco products, but also aid them in becoming a serious health care company.

With the removal of cigarettes from CVS stores nationwide, a new movement towards better health begins. The fight against tobacco hopefully will spark others to join in against the harmful drug.