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Recently I’ve found myself spending an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest, while simultaneously thinking “why am I spending so much time on Pinterest?” Pinterest is hands down the most wasteful form of current popular social media. I know this because I partake in pretty much every form of social media. Are you on foursquare? Didn’t think so.

For starters, no one is Pinterest famous. If there’s no possibility of me becoming famous, then why have I been on here for three hours pinning photos of unlikely animal friendships? It’s not an intellectual hobby. No one pins links to articles about the crisis in Syria or the economy. I’ll tell you what they do pin, though.

Sixteen year old girls are pinning floral arrangements to their wedding boards. Out of fear that you’re going to look up my Pinterest, I must admit that I’m as guilty of this fault as anyone. I have a wedding board and I say a little prayer everyday to thank God that no heterosexual males are on Pinterest. Because any heterosexual male who knows a teenage girl who is planning her wedding is probably going to fearfully run quickly in the opposite direction.

You know what would probably scare them even more? The fact that there are boards dedicated to hot male celebrities. I’m not judging, but let’s think this one through ladies. You’re categorizing photos of hot men you will likely never know or meet on a website where all of your followers can see you pinning these photos of shirtless males. What exactly are you going to do with this board? Think about it.

guys can be sensative too!
Guys can be sensitive too!

On to the fitness boards. We’d all like to think that we’re going to pin these workouts, do these workouts, and come out looking like we just walked out of the Victoria Secret’s fashion show, but the truth is we’re sitting on the couch staring at our iPads while watching the most recent episode of New Girl.  We all love elaborately decorated cupcakes. Let me tell you straight up, if we have anything in common you are never going to make those cupcakes. If you’re not going to make the cupcakes, then you are definitely never going to make that quinoa salmon salad, because cupcakes are more fun than salad.

As you can tell I really tried on this one. My cupcake board is way better, I swear.
As you can tell I really tried on this one. My cupcake board is way better, I swear.

The quotes -this pains me because I love the quotes- it’s arguably my favorite tab. Here’s the truth about the quotes though, it’s a way for girls to sub tweet their boyfriends, their friends, and any problems in their lives while holding on to the dignity of their twitter accounts. I like to consider myself a feminist, but I can’t be held responsible for the things I’m going to say when boys aren’t around.


Pinterest is kind of like the Academy. It’s a lot of estrogen, so a lot of unfiltered words, or in this case quotes. Pretty sure I pinned a quote about love the other day. Who am I? What is love? Why is it so popular? Why is it so addicting? Why am I such a cliche white girl? Why did I ever spend any time on this website? *opens Pinterest app*