Learn how to nail it; nail trends for spring


Alison Foley

Walgreens offers a wide selection of Essie nail colors.

Academy girls wear uniforms everyday to school, so the color of their nails can actually say a lot about them. Some girls opt for bold colors while others go for neutral. Either way, the majority of Academy girls always have their nails in tip top shape.  Junior Claire Cardillo “feels naked when her nails are not painted.”

Some of Academy’s favorite brands include OPI and Essie. Essie offers a large variety of tones of colors and always come out with new colors according to the season and trends. The Spring 2014 line has an array of blue and pink tones.

Nail colors vary according to season and mood. Academy girls usually flaunt a darker hue in the fall and winter. Popular color choices are black, navy or maroon. With spring quickly approaching, girls are starting to brighten up their nails.

New trends such as the colorful french and stripes are becoming popular among celebrities. Stripes can be done in numerous ways with any color. The colorful french is sure to make a girl’s nails look super chic.

For those not wanting to go a little edgy, classic tones such as pink, light blue or lavender work great for spring…especially with sun kissed skin!

Every once in awhile it is good to treat yourself to a mani-pedi.

K nails on Bay to Bay is where numerous Academy girls go. Another hot spot is Fancy Nails. Freshman Bella Guerra advises “to always make an appointment at Fancy Nails because it is usually crowded.”

If you live in North Tampa, A&Q nails is a great place to try.

Whether you prefer going to the nail salon or painting your own nails…these tips will ensure you look fab!