Dating: you’ll survive with or without it


Rosalie Parrillo

Sophomores Rebecca Parrillo and Brendan Philbin have been dating for four months.

Disclaimer: First of all, I am not an expert on love. I’ve only been in a couple relationships in the past. Also, I am not saying every teen couple is like this; some couples are actually serious and have a long-term healthy relationship. This is just me, commenting on what I have seen and heard in general. Not all boys are frogs, I promise. There is always a prince charming somewhere. They just have to get their horses to hurry up because they seem to take forever!

We grow up around fairy tales, romance movies, and love songs.  Teen girls grow up hoping that one day they will be able to find their Troy Bolton. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to kiss a few frogs before we get to find our Prince Charming.

The media always portrays the story of a popular jock that falls in love with the outcast teenage girl. “Did you hear that the quarterback of the football team is dating the president of mathletes?” – said no one ever. Since this generation is often focused on who wears what or how popular they are, true love is hard to find. Love is supposed to make you feel like Whitney Houston singing, “I Will Always Love You,” but lately, relationships end up making you want to sing, “Teardrops on My Guitar” by Taylor Swift.

Truth is, you don’t need to have a boyfriend to be your best self. It is a nice experience to have a person with whom you can communicate with and love, but lately the trend seems to be girls want boyfriends because they don’t want to be single. Again, this isn’t everyone, just a general concept. If that is the reason why you are in a relationship, because you would rather have someone you don’t really connect with instead of being alone, it is not worth it.

Freshmen Lissette Cruz lives a very happy life as a single person, and believes that, “it is actually a relief. You don’t have extra stress and drama that involves the person you’re with. The good thing about being single is you don’t have to worry about spending your money on the other person.”

Another positive side of being single is that you can focus on growing as a person and discovering yourself. Relationships take a long time, patience and effort. If you are single, spend some time learning what you like. Make new friends, meet different types of people, get out of your comfort zone. Once you know what your type is and what qualities you look for in a partner, then you are ready to be involved in a relationship. Enjoy your teenage years! Find yourself, grow confidence and then wait for someone who recognizes all your qualities. You will be married for a loooong time, enjoy yourself while you can!

Many adults say that young love is useless and always ends, and even though the majority of teen couples break up, there is a small percent that manages to make it after high school. I have heard that the way to be happy in life is to marry your best friend. So, usually, the couples that make it after school are those who have a relationship with their best friend. They already know everything about you, and have enough time to consider if they want to risk the friendship and turn it into a relationship. Personally, I do believe this is a way of having a successful relationship. Actually getting to know the person and being friends with them first helps you have a healthy relationship. Lately, all everyone seems to do is meet someone, “talk” for a short amount of time, and jump into a relationship. That is when it all goes wrong and she ends up buying a gallon of ice cream while he looks for the next girl.

Ladies, you are all beautiful and unique in your own special way. Someday, someone who loves you for who you are unconditionally will come into your life. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Be with someone who is your first thought in the morning and your last thought before going to sleep. If he ever makes you feel less than beautiful, dump him like an old Nokia phone.  My best guy friend once told me his father taught him that girls should be treated like princesses. That is the type of guy you should be looking for.

Sophomore Jayne McLaughlin and her boyfriend Christian have been dating since eighth grade. They went to the same middle school, Ben Hill. They broke up going into high school, but rekindled in the middle of freshmen year. Jayne explains how they have been able to maintain their relationship because they have been best friends since middle school. They both went through the same transition of moving from a co-ed public school to private same-sex schools.  Jayne thinks it brought them closer because, “We both went through the same struggles and could relate to each other.”

Everyone has different feelings on high school relationships. Whether they think they are worth it or not, having a relationship before you marry is a good experience to have. Long–term relationships can be hard, but think of a relationship as if it were a house. When a light bulb burns out, you don’t go and purchase a new house, you fix the light bulb. Having a serious relationship is a great experience to have and helps a person mature.

If you have a boyfriend at the moment, whatever happens, remember that you were fine before him, and you will be fine afterwards. If anything, blast some Taylor Swift and eat all the food your body can handle.