Frost and Fire (GOLDEN VEINS)

There once were two felines

With unmatchable power

One was a snowy blizzard

The other engulfed in fire


Wildcat of Ice

Froze the ground with its paws

It could cover the land

With an un-thawable frost


It never smiled or laughed

For its heart was frozen

And none would approach

This cat of no emotion


It traveled alone

In icy solitude

And this time with no companion

Had made it very crude


No cat could break through

Its sub-zero flurries

The toughest would freeze

The rest would just scurry


A similar story exists

For the feline of flames

Its tail an inferno

A spirit untamed


It set wildfires with its steps

And had footprints of ash

It could evaporate oceans

In less than a flash


To think only its body

Was the only thing hot

Its temper was just as fiery

Believe it or not


It was filled with passion

Leaving most cats with a burn

It never backed down

As it was quite stubborn


No cat could approach

As the hot air was stifling

And the burning flames and ground

Was ridiculously trifling


So like cat of ice

It remained solitary

But unlike the frozen cat

Lonileness made it jittery


It grew sick of having

Only heat as its friend

And set on a journey

With no definite end


It sought with vigor

To make an acquaintance

But cats would run or scorch

Before it had the chance


Frustrated and overcome

With intense anger

He resorted to rolling in dust

To put out its fire


“This must be the reason,

All cats can’t be near me

If I get rid of this fire

Then finally I’ll be free”


But the more he tried

And rolled in the sand

His fire grew hotter

And set fire to the land


All other cats

Cowered and darted

For they could not handle

The fire that had been started


The fiery feline gave up

Candle flame tears it cried

For he was doomed to loneliness

With no one at its side


But the sudden tantrum

Of emotion and heat

Caught the attention of one cat

One he did not greet


The feline of ice

Was drawn to fire’s light

And slowly walked through its flames

Without the least amount of fright


It saw the burning cat

Disheveled and distressed

And with its frosty nose

Nudged the other cat in its flaming nest


Feline of flames

Felt the cool push

It looked and saw the cat of ice

Who wasn’t burning like a bush


“Why are you here

How could you get so near?

Everyone else ran

And cowered in fear


At my flames and fire

How can we meet?

I though it was only me

That could withstand the heat.”


The cat of frost

Easily replied

“I could feel your heat

I heard your cries


I wanted to see

If you were well

With with all this destruction

I can already tell


That none can come forth

To see you okay or not

For your light is too bright

The flames much too hot


I am not fazed

By this flaming storm

With my soul of ice

I find you quite warm.”


Ice lied beside

The cat covered in flames

And none could believe

The miracle that came


Fire’s heat

And Ice’s cold

Came together

And broke the mold


The blended together

Making a warm spring breeze

It thawed the ice

And put out fire with ease


With the fire put out

And the ice well thawed

Other cats reapproached

Watching in awe


All could finally see

The cats that were inside

Who sat nuzzled together

Sitting side by side


The temperatures now balanced

The other cats went to greet

Cat of fire and ice

That they never got to meet


The two cats stayed

At each side forever

As they would have been alone

If not for the other


The moral of this tale:

Don’t feel sorry and lonely

For there is someone out there

That can help you feel merry


They can melt your thick ice

Or heal the hottest burn

Know that this person

Will make your frown turn.