No need to stress when shopping for your dress


Check out the Achona Pinterest for the staff’s favorite dress styles!

Elaine Petrarca, Social Media and Photo Editor

As prom gets closer,  Academy girls start to frantically search for the perfect dress.

The hardest part of getting a dress is finding where to begin. Here are a few of the seniors’ favorite places to get a dress.
BCBG is always a great choice when looking for dresses.
Nordstrom is always an Academy favorite for getting dresses for any dance. Between the Nordstrom brand, online, and the variety of designers, there is always a huge selection to choose from.
4. Borrowing
Trying to save money? Or just saw a dress from last year that you really want to wear? Borrowing is a great way to get a dress for prom!
5. Online
There are a variety of stores online that you can order from!
6. The Look
When in doubt, The Look is a great place to get a dress.
Located at 2102 W Platt St, Tampa, FL, Lending Luxury is a store that has a wide variety of designer dresses. All in different sizes, colors, and price. The special catch about this store is that you pay for the dress at a fraction of  the original price and than return it five days later.
Senior Hannah Hancock, “Had a great experience with Lending Luxury. When I walked in the first things I noticed were how many dresses are there and how helpful the assistants are.  Each dress was limited in number per sizes so it would decrease the risk of someone else wearing the same dress as you.  It seemed just like a boutique. Except the best part is you only pay 70 dollars to a couple hundred dollars and get a 1000 dollar dress for the weekend.”
Even though department stores are not the first store that comes to mind when thinking of a prom dress, they have a wide variety of dresses.
Senior Priscilla Vasquez said “I was not expecting to find my dress at Macy’s. It was the perfect storm. Not only was it beautiful but it was also on sale.”

Check out the Achona Pinterest for the staff’s favorite dress styles!