Quarter Notes learn more magical musical tricks from the Disney magic masters

Just last year, AHN’s Quarter  Notes ventured to Orlando, Florida, to dazzle Disney with some magic of their own. This year, the young performers return to continue working alongside the Disney professionals in a new workshop that, once again, test the girls’ musical prowess.

Last year’s workshop, “Disney Broadway Magic | Disney Performing Arts Workshops,” emphasized the art of stage presence, teaching the show choir how to “count with words,” manage their breathing, and how to get into character using expression in order to tell the story embedded in the lyrics of music. With so many new skills, the girls applied them to their performances all though out the year. However, with this new workshop, the show choir realized they still had a lot to learn before they were on par with the pros.

Disney Sings | Disney Performing Arts Workshops, the workshop the Quarter Notes attended this past week, instilled skills that could be used when not singing with choreography or while not being seen at all. Stressing the importance of vocal expression, good posture, and oneness with the group, while introducing the show choir to some new ideas, the Quarter Notes had not time to spare in this two and a half hour long seminar.

By the end of the day, the girls were expected to fully voice over and learn a new medley for Disney Animation; a challenge the girls valiantly took. Some girls volunteered their voices to become part of a sound effects track, making various noises such as “roars,” “giggles,” and some short phrases. Even though only one or two were recorded at a time, the entire choir had to work together to make sure it was a success. No matter how silly or humorous the sound was, everyone must remain completely silent during recording, following new studio language to guide them.

Sophomore Quarter Note Emilie Ulbricht, one of the vocal volunteers, could not believe it when she heard her own voice played back for her to hear, “After hearing myself, I kind of forgot it was me. I was so caught up in the moment when I spoke in the mic, I didn’t recognize my own voice after I heard it on the track.”

After a short break, the choir split into two part harmony to learn and record two familiar songs tied together in this medley; “Can You  Feel the Love Tonight,” and “The Circle of Life,” from the Disney animated movie, The Lion King. Complete with three solos, the young performers had to focus and unite as a choir to keep their words crisp and clean.

The hard work finished, the Quarter Notes were able to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labors. The Disney professionals surprised the choir with a completely voiced over clip of the Lion King, with all sound and music done by the Quarter Notes themselves.

Freshman Quarter Note Valerie White was enchanted by the experience.

“It was educational and fun at the same time! I would totally want to do this again and learn even more skills.”

Learning 5 new principles from the experience, “Fast, Friendly, Fabulous, Flexible, and Focused,” the Quarter Notes cannot wait to apply their new skills at Arts Fest 2014.