10 Date Ideas

Do you ever run out of date ideas? Here are some great ideas so that you never have to ask, “What do you wanna do?” again.

Kelly Redinger
Kelly Redinger

1. Picnic -pack a bunch of food and pick a day with perfect weather. You
can eat and have plenty of time to talk to your bae.


Lauren Raab
Lauren Raab


2. See a concert -Pick a favorite band/musician to see live and have the
time of your life, dancing, singing, and eating with your man.




3. Go to the gym -Help each other get fit. Be each other’s motivation.



O-T Lounge
O-T Lounge

4. Busch Gardens – Explore your significant other’s fears and thrills. Go
check out the animals or watch a show.



Horseshoe Bay

5. Kayaking -Get active! Have your man paddle you around while enjoying a
great view.




6. Cook a meal at home -Test your patience with each other and try and
create a well cooked meal.




Gabby Cianfrocca

7. Fair/Carnival -Pig out. Get one of every kind of food there. Cotton
candy, for dogs, turkey legs, deep fried Oreos, you name it. After
this date refer to date #3 .


Murad Osmann

8. Disney World -Be kids again for a day- together.


East 82nd

9. Movie date -Choose a couple of both of your favorite movies and watch
them all day.


Hollywood Treatment
Hollywood Treatment

10. Go to the beach -Get your tan on! Rent jet skis, paddle boards, or
pack a yummy snack to eat by the shore.