What to wear to football games: cute vs. comfy

Even though football games are at Jesuit, it is always a huge deal for Academy girls as well. The entire week we wait for these games because it gives us the opportunity to meet boys and socialize with friends. The biggest problem girls have with going to a Jesuit football game is what to wear. Going to a game, you will see that the major styles are cute and comfy. How do you know which is best for you?


During the school day, there is no pressure to look your best. As there are no boys to impress during school, it has become a trend for Academy girls to wake up and go to school as they look. This is why some girls choose to be cute going to football games.

“Since we go to an all girls school, it’s fun to dress up and look our best at games.  However, you want to look like you have not tried hard. The goal is to be natural but pretty.” Senior, Mia Perez says.


Fellow senior Anna DeGuzman agrees, “”When you look like you have tried too hard, it looks tacky.”

As cute outfits go, the popular choice is a pair of shorts and a cute top.  Some good places to get simple but cute clothes are J. Crew, Nordstroms, and Forever 21.


Girls should not feel the need to pile on lots of makeup to look beautiful or get a guy’s attention. This is why many Academy girls choose to dress comfy over cute.

Sophomore, Julianne Nichter says, “I dress comfy but still try to put effort into my outfits. I like to be cute but still feel comfortable.”

You don’t have to wear a dress and some heels to look cute. Simple things like wearing running shorts and a Jesuit t-shirt are a perfect example of being comfortable. This is the outfit of choice for many upperclassmen, who are already familiar with the boys and have friends at Jesuit. Jesuit t- shirts are available at any Jesuit held sports game. In the basketball gym, there is s stand where they offer jackets, t-shirts, and hats. This is a great way to represent your school spirit.

Going to a Jesuit football game is a big deal to Academy girls. This is why the question, cute or comfy is so important. Whether you decide to wear cute or comfy, you should feel comfortable with your appearance. If you don’t want to spend too much time worrying over your outfit and whether or not it’s something you truly want to wear, just worry about you! Just because all your friend are wearing dresses, doesn’t mean you should too. All that matters is you feel confident and you show up to cheer on the Jesuit tigers!