Life of an Academy Girl: Featuring Emma Oetinger

The highs and lows we all have felt, through photographs of the unofficial AHN girl mascot, Emma Jane Oetinger (aka Dr. O’s daughter).

1. When Sage has mini corn dogs..


2. “It’s Sunday night and I haven’t started my homework.”

photo (1)

3. “A RAZ dollar!!”

photo (2)

4. “I thought I failed that math test!!”

photo (3)

5. “Bake sale had me like…”

photo (4)

6. “When the teacher tells you to get in a group and you make eye contact with your best friend”

photo (5)

7. “Ew, we have to wear our mass uniforms tomorrow?!”

photo (6)

8. Trying to get your teacher to give you extra credit.

photo (7)