Visiting Artist Sofia Sanchez


Jourdan Collins

Sofia Sanchez sharing her story with Academy students and faculty.

Jourdan Collins, Senior Staff Writer

Every year, Academy brings an alumni or “Visiting Artist” to speak to AHN students and faculty about their career and how they have accomplished her dreams so far. This year’s visiting artist: Sofia Sanchez (A’08). She has been pursuing her talents for the past seven years in painting, production, and graphic design and held an informational session to talk about her career at the Contemporary Art Space and Studio on February 19, 2015 from five to seven in the evening.

Sofia has a degree in studio art and film and museum studies from Smith College. She now is finishing her masters at Wayne State University in communications and media arts.
Sofia is very involved with her work and there are many different aspects to her career. She is the host of an entertainment show on PBS, MetroArts-Detroit, and the designer of a handbag line called Popinjay. She also directed a music video titled “Bad Morning” for local Detroit artists.

During her talk she provided us with very insightful and honest advice about her journey to get where she is today. If there is one thing she could share with every academy girl who wasn’t at her presentation she would say, “follow your own voice because ultimately you’re the only person you are accountable for.” One of her favorite AHN memories was when the whole AP studio class had a sleepover at Sofia’s house where they stayed up all night doing figuring drawing and creating closer friendships outside of school. Sofia spent most of her time in the art room where her and her friends inspired each other with the art they were working on. However, she did not consider herself an artist. Sofia’s story was refreshing to Jessica Jurado, a current AP Art Studio student at Academy, because it allowed her to see that art is subjective and there is no “wrong” way to do it. It is a personal interpretation and there are no limitations.

Although reaching your dreams isn’t easy Sofia was a perfect example of how you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. Sofia had a unique career that fits what she enjoys. She had a very important message that is to know what you value, do what you love and the rest will fall into place.