College Decision Stress

Emotions going through the college decision

The college process is beyond stressful. Everyone claims the applications are the worst part, but others could argue that the decision process is the worst part. Underclassmen, watch out! Here are the emotions that go through a seniors mind during the decision process.


1- Brief moment of relief when you hit submit on all applications.

2- Why haven’t I heard back yet?

3- I got accepted, I have to go there!



4- I wanna go there so bad!

5- Jkay I really wanna go there!!!

6- Stressed

7- Weighing all your options…


8- Ahh Finally!



9- Who’s my roommate?!

10- How am I gonna fit all my stuff in my closet ?!

11- Do I have to shower in a community bathroom?

12- How often can I come home?


13- Mom, why aren’t you answering?


14- What about Gasparilla?

15- How will I focus with a cute boy next to me?