Workout tips for Spring Break!


Photo Credit: Zoe Bennett/Pinterest

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Spring Break is coming up ladies and we all know everyone wants to have a toned body. However, if you don’t know where or how to start, it seems impossible – and you don’t want to just run every day – mix it up! Here are a few exercise routines that you can mix and match to keep you motivated!

Part one Warm up
Here is a cardio workout list you can chose from to start off and how long (all good for the gym or just outside) should warm up for 2-5mins pick one warm up or you can split it up
1.Power walking
4.Stair Climbing

Part two Abs and Core
1.30- Knee Crunches
2.20- Leg raises
3.60 sec plank
4.30 cross crunches
5.20 mountain climbers
6.20 russian twist

Part three legs and back side
1.30 squat jumps
2.30 lunges
3.30 sec wall squat
4.10 squats with weights
5.40 jumping jacks
6.20 sumo squats
7.10 burpees

After your workout you should keep it up every other day and on your days your relaxing make sure to eat healthy instead of eating the junk food and in no time you will have that spring break body you have always wanted.

Here are some links to other websites for workouts as well as healthy eating.