Frankenstein Love Poems

As a part of AP English, this year’s senior class got the chance to read the classic gothic romance novel Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. Here are some of the poems we wrote in class based off what we read.

How To Care

By: Courtney Vogler

 Frankenstein, pull it together!

Show your creation you care

You can do this forever

And make it so nothing can compare

 I can help you

Let me give you some advice

Let’s make your care new

And give it some spice

So here’s what’s going to happen

You’re going to give him a hug

And show him who’s captain

But make sure you’re not too snug

 Next, you’re going yo ask him a question Like “how do you do?”

This will make a good impression

Even if his answer is poo

 Remember to stay happy

Give him a smile

Make sure you’re not snappy

Or he’ll run away for a while

 If you take this advice

Your creation will know

That you really do care

And your relationship will be a go

Love in Disguise

By: Katiana Roberts

 Dear creature,

During this time of the year,

You may feel a little fear.

Some may call you a beast,

But they all know the very least.

You are made from love and passion.

In fact, you are the solution of Frankenstein’s actions.

It is not found through our looks.

And cannot be found in books.

Love is one big surprise.

And sometimes a disguise.

Though you may not know it,

Your creator shows it.

Father of a Monster

By: Jourdan Collins

 Frankenstein, how dare you abandon your own creation?

You slaved away for months completely lost in translation.

You say it’s an obligation, a gift from God.

A duty and responsibility to love and care.

You are indeed the creator, despite his ugly hair.

He yearns for your love and attention.

You have no choice but to man up and listen.

Do not be ashamed of your flawed work

The more you ignore it, the more he will hurt.

Filled with misery, your monster roams around.

Lost in confusion, you must listen for his sound.

All that is close and dear to your heart He will continue to destroy until

death do you part.