Seniors Give Advice to Underclassman on Surviving AHN

Being the oldest girls in the school, the seniors have learned many things throughout their four years at Academy. To make the underclassmen’s high school experience some what easier, the seniors decided to share a little wisdom that they accumulated over the years.


Don’t miss school– With block scheduling it is very easy to get behind in classes


Be friends with everyone– Get to know all of your sisters because they will be your life long friends


Get involved– Join the Jagball team, go to Movie on the Lawn.. You don’t want to have any regrets


But… don’t stretch yourself too thin


Keep your Mass yellow sweater in your locker for emergencies


Eat in between classes– with the new rule set in place, it is easy to get hungry during class. Keep snacks in your lunch box that you can munch on between classes


When Mr. Ruano takes “un punto off,” he means it


Freshman and sophomore grades matter, so always try your hardest


Watch Mrs. Z’s chemcasts


Respect seniority