Stages Seniors Experience When Committing to a College


Senior Olivia Kirkpatrick commits to her dream school, New York University! Photographer: Olivia Kirkpatrick

Academy seniors are now entering the final stages of the college application process, decision time! It can turn out to be the best of times or the worst of times. Here are the stages of (finally!) committing to a college:

The ‘I’m going to College!’ stage


The ‘Wow this is more expensive than I thought’ stage


The ‘finding a roommate’ struggle


The ‘what if college is super hard and I fail out’ internal struggle stage


The ‘I don’t want to leave’ stage


The ‘JK I’m excited to get out of here’ recovery stage


The ‘Yay! I found a roommate that seems normal and we’re coordinating a dorm!’ stage


The ‘I’m here! College come at me!’