The Mystery of the Missing Aux Cord

The Mystery of the Missing Aux Cords Being Taken From the Senior Lounge

In the Senior Lounge there is a stereo that Caroline Yount has generously donated to the senior classes. To operate the stereo and play music of the senior class’s choice, an auxiliary cord was needed. Pia Roca donated her auxiliary cord to the class in hope that the music it would be playing would help create memories, and help the senior class bond as sisters through dancing and singing along.

Then on a Tuesday about three months ago the students realized it was an oddly quiet lunch, and went to put some music on. They came to find that the auxiliary cord was no where to be found. Disappointment filled the room, for the thought of someone stealing a generously donated piece of equipment that was so dear to the lounge was unbearable.

Rebecca Parillo says, ” I think it’s very rude and disrespectful to steal someone’s property and it stinks not being able to have dance parties anymore. And in past years other seniors didn’t have problems with it, so I don’t know why we are.”

From that moment, girls were asking around and searching for it everywhere. People posted on the senior class Facebook wall trying to negotiate to get it back.

They even said whoever took it could just return it to its place anonymously and no one would be blamed, “I am disappointed in whoever is taking them.” says Bryanna LaRussa.

Credit: Avery Dierks Pia Roca posted this post no the senior Facebook page because she was so upset someone stole her auxiliary cord.
Credit: Avery Dierks/Achona Online
Pia Roca posted this post on the senior Facebook page because she was so upset someone stole her auxiliary cord.

The search slowly died down as time past for no one was coming forward. The lounge is not the same as it was before now. The feeling of trust that you could leave your items in the lounge knowing they would still be there when you got back was now gone forever. After a month past, Rebecca Parrillo bravely donated another auxiliary cord. Shortly after it, was donated it was stolen as well. To this day no one knows who has stolen them.

Karlee Nipper then donated her auxiliary cord to lounge hoping that no one would steal three auxiliary cords, and putting her trust in the grade to not continue to steal. Unfortunately hers was taken as well. Finally Natalie Cevallos brought in one last auxiliary cord, but out of fear, however, she would take it back every time she left the lounge in fear that if she left it it would get stolen. It became too much work and worrying to carry back and forth, so she stopped bringing it.

Whoever has been taking the auxiliary cords has remained a mystery. While they may have a couple more auxiliary cords than they had before, they have caused a loss of trust in the senior class.