Arts Fest ~Draws~ a Massive Crowd


(Credit: Keri Kelly/ACHONA Online) The artwork at Arts Fest this year was arranged in order of increasing experience, beginning with the pieces of “discovery” level students in Art-2D on the fourth floor and descending to the twelve piece concentrations of “mastery” level students in AP Studio in the foyer.

Arts Fest is characterized by the soft tinkling of piano, the periodic shuffling of feet as viewers move from painting to photo to drawing, and parents’ repeated whispers of the remarkable talent of the high school students.

But this year a different sound accompanied the annual display of student art work: a louder murmur of crowds of students, parents, siblings, friends, alumni, teachers, and staff; the groovy renditions of 70s hits by the lively and costumed Quarter notes; and laughter and exclamations of incredulity at the quality and creativity of the art.

Junior Mary Kate Urbanski shares that Arts Fest was special to her this year because she had her collection of Portfolio paintings displayed in the second floor foyer. She was ecstatic to have her family come admire her art and to look at the work of her fellow artists. Urbanski thought the theme, different hues of blue and purple to represent the levels of experience, really complemented the art.

She comments “I loved the decorations in the stairwell and I really liked how all the art was arranged.”

Furthermore, she is impressed with the positive progression of the arts department.

“People are valuing it a lot more and the teachers have made it more interesting.” she observes.

Arts Fest was a culmination of a lot of lunch meetings, brainstorming, and study halls spent creating decorations and hanging artwork by members of National Art Honor Society, and the hard work payed off. Junior Katie Hale reflects that the work was “enjoyable because we were able to use our creative side, and it wasn’t super stressful.”

With the success of the spring plays, QuarterNotes, and the outstanding show of creativity and talent at Arts Fest, Hale also notes the growing impact of the arts department.

“The arts,” she offers, “are starting to become something people are really passionate about, and some of everyone’s favorite classes.”