Incoming College Freshmen: Should you work?


Credit: Pia Roca/Achona Online

Senior Pia Roca works as a cashier at Hollister and plans on continuing during the summer.

Academy seniors prepare for the next chapter as senior year comes to a close. Many plan on leaving for college in the summer and are faced with the question of whether or not they will work a part time during their first semester.

Gillian Anthony will be starting as a student at Auburn University in the Fall and plans on getting a job during the summer.

She states, “I always knew I would get a part time this summer, because I will have time and want to save up for when I go in August.”

When asked if she would continue a part-time during the fall, Gillian stated that she would not be getting a job because she doesn’t know what the new year will demand in time.

Seniors are hesitant to get a part-time job their first semester away from home as it is a period of adjustment. Achona lists both pros and cons of picking up a part-time job freshman year:


  • Credentials: It’s a resumé builder
  • Extra spending cash
  • Network: An opportunity to meet others, especially if it’s in the same field.
  • Balance: A job requires time management, a skill important for life.


  • Conflicting Commitments: As a Freshman you must ensure that you have ample time for extracurriculars, school, and other activities.
  • Time: A job may require you to pick and choose activities that you actually want to do.
  • Energy: After a long day of class, working a shift after will leave anyone exhausted and unable to study.

There are many pros and cons of having a job in college.

Senior Lily Oliva will be starting at Florida State University in the Fall and states,”I will not be working my first semester because I need time to adjust, but I may pick up a part-time in the Spring.”

Maddy Matter (A’15) is a freshman at Loyola University Chicago and has been working at a coffee shop on campus since she began school in the fall.

She states, “It was hard to juggle a job and begin school but I quickly got accustomed to it. Having a part-time in college is manageable and I highly suggest it because you will have extra spending money.”

Regardless of whether Academy Seniors choose to get a part-time in college, they will be forced to manage their time in different activities around campus.