Legend: Part 7

The following day passed like any other for Lydia. As per usual, she overslept and had to leap out of bed and throw her day clothes on the third time her alarm on her phone blared “The Eye of the Tiger” at exactly 12:16. By the time Lydia pulled herself together, Natasha had already been up for three or so hours. Normally, the young college student would be in the middle of her college algebra class around noon. However, she chose to skip classes that day to take her new wand for a spin. Already, she had managed to make the five one dollar bills she kept around for vendor machine food money into five one hundred dollar bills and change her age on her ID from 19 to 21. But, she knew she had to think bigger. Natasha had discovered a source of unlimited power and she wasn’t going to waste it on making one hundred dollar bills and fake IDs. She paced up and down a quiet corridor of the dormitory that was abandoned during this part of the day and pondered her next move. Finally, it dawned upon her. I can do anything. She thought to herself. Literally. Anything. With a newfound sense of determination, she started walking back to her dorm. Why didn’t I think of this before? She threw open her door and headed straight to her closet. Within minutes, she had packed all of her earthly belonging, with the exception of her bed, in a duffle bag. Natasha rushed to the bathroom to check her appearance. After applying some of her roommates mascara and perfume, she picked up her duffle bag and with her wand in hand, prepared to cast a spell. Under her breath, she muttered; take me to Heathrow Airport, London, England-. Before she could finish, she was interrupted by the click of the door handle. Instinctively, she hid the wand behind her back. “Lydia! You’re back early.” Lydia walked right past her roommate and started scanning the room. “I forgot to bring my textbook to class, have you seen it?” She asked with urgency. Natasha kicked her duffle bag to the side, hoping she wouldn’t see it. “Which textbook are you looking for?” She asked nonchalantly. “College algebra,” Lydia answered without making eye contact, “I can’t believe I forgot it”, she muttered in frustration. Two minutes passed before Lydia took notice of Natasha’s dufflebag. “You going somewhere?” She asked. Natasha bit her lip. “Uhhhh….” She tried to buy herself time to come up with an answer, “I.. I’m.. I am transferring. Transferring! Yes!” Lydia looked at her with skepticism. “Transferring?” She questioned. Natasha nodded. “Yes, yes, just this morning I got a sweet offer from a study abroad program. I get to study in London for a semester for a low cost, but I have to leave now or else they won’t have a spot for me.” Lydia took a moment to absorb this information. “So…” She began, “Does this mean I’ll have the room to myself?” Natasha sighed in relief. She was fortunate that her roommate was too naive and neglectful to notice that anything was amiss. “Of course you can! I’m glad you came here, actually, now I have a chance to say goodbye.” Natasha gave her a brief hug. “Now, I must be going, and you have to get back to class. I’ll see you in a semester.” She strode out of the room with an air of confidence in her step. Natasha knew all she had to do was find a secluded corner, and she’d be home free. She wasn’t worried about Lydia ever trying to find her, in fact she expected Lydia to forget she’d even had a roommate. If she didn’t, Natasha had the means to get her off her trail. Entering a stairwell, Natasha whipped out her wand and said; take me to Heathrow Airport, London, England. Now, please.

The End (?)