Top 10 Cutest Puppy Vines

Credit: Instagram; @carolinaoliva

Credit: Instagram; @carolinaoliva

Academy girls love their puppies and one thing every girl knows is that you can never go wrong watching a puppy video! They just the cutest animals and you can’t help it but to feel happy. With college around the corner for our seniors, many will have to say goodbye to their furry friends. These Top Ten Puppy Vines are here to help keep the cuteness going!

  1. This cutie with the bark that will make you go Awhhh!!!

2. This sweet puppy with her hair all done! Look at her face turn!

3. Oh my gosh! A little white puppy! So adorable

4. These little nuggets running to their owner are too cute!

5. Two baby bull dogs playing with each other!!

6.This puppy is getting blow dried and being so good!

7. Awhhh, these two are best friends! So sweet!

8. A little new born baby English Bulldog barking 🙂

9. This puppy wanted to be an Ambulance. How cute is that!

10. Cuteness overload!! So… many… adorable… puppies!