Annual Mother-Daughter dinner dazzles

The annual AHN Mother Daughter Dance occured on April 16 at the Rusty Pelican. The dance was a hit among Academy girls. Everyone loved the Great Gatsby theme.

Many girls got professional photos with their moms taken to have as a momento for years to come. Before the dance, mothers were able to enjoy glasses of the wine at the bar and catch up with old friends while making new ones.

During the delicious dinner, the girls all got to share stories and catch their moms’ up life at Academy. After dinner, it was time to watch the seniors’ video to their mothers, which is always emotional. The amazing video was created by Senior Vallie Joseph. Some seniors made their moms cry, while others made them laugh. Senior Victoria Martinez was “happy I got the chance to tell everyone how awesome and special my mom is.”

It was not just a night about the Seniors, but a night for the girls and mothers of all grade levels to enjoy each others company. Freshman Emily Orama “looks forward to coming back next year and making more memories with my mom.”