Freshmen: Ready to move up


Photo Credit: Emily Wise

To think, in a few short months, a new crop of 9th graders will be bonding at the traditional tie-dye party.

Jeanine Ramirez, Sophomore Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, and the seniors no longer roam the halls, each grade is stepping up; attempting to fill in the seniors’ big shoes. The juniors are in charge now, sophomores fall shortly behind, while the freshman are still a ways away with less years under their belt. With the seniors gone, each class takes up more responsibility and grow even closer than they have ever before. Next school year, there will be new freshman joining our Academy team and there will be new seniors, juniors, and sophomores to help them out.

Transitioning from eighth grade to high school can be very intimidating and overwhelming. There is more responsibility, harder classes, and an unexplored world waiting. Many leave behind their friends from their old schools and come with just their backpacks on their backs and a goal to one day become a part of the Academy sisterhood. Freshman Isabella Cartaya explained how she came to Academy with a handful of girls from her elementary and middle school; however, she has made new friends and now is ready to take on sophomore year. “I’m really looking forward to next year, especially having a new start. I’ve made new friends and found my niche, and I’m excited to spend more time making memories at AHN. I definitely think that we’re closer than we were in the beginning of the year.”

Freshman orientation is always intimidating but the people you are there will be your best friends. “Orientation was very busy, intimidating, colorful and energetic” says Isabella. Another freshman, Julianne Nitchter explained that, “Orientation was awkward because everybody was new and unfamiliar with each other but the students tried to make it fun.”

Everyone is there for each other and it does not depend on grade levels. The upperclassmen look out and take care of the underclassmen while the underclassmen look up to the upperclassmen as their role models. Through the everyday experiences and lessons Academy students endure, they are always together. It could be scrambling to write an essay or cramming to study for an exam, everyone goes through or has already done it. Some of the things that  Julianne loves is the fact that they won’t be the “babies” anymore, and the “sisterhood bonds” help the transition.

“I think the sisterhood is awesome; it brings us closer and distinguishes us from other high schools. Our class has definitely grown closer or at least [we’re] more comfortable with each other.”

The sisterhood at Academy is very different than others. You don’t have to dress to impress or do your hair, you can literally jump out of bed, put on your uniform and go to school. In the beginning it can feel like the class could never be as close as the previous graduating classes have been, but, when the year is over and the next year comes, every girl grows together as a class creating that bond of sisterhood.