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Jeanine Ramirez
Jeanine Ramirez is an Academy senior, fourth-year journalist and the News Editor for the Achona. Following her interests in the social sciences, Jeanine dedicates most of her free time to reading and watching the news. Her favorite TV channel is Fox News and her favorite segment is “The Kelly File.” Her passion for reading is inspired by the ideas of how other people think through their words, which helped develop her interest in journalism. Other activities she participates in during her free time include volunteering and helping little kids learn about God at St. Lawrence Church. Jeanine is most excited about graduation, and aims to attend USF for political science. All though her heart is big, her height falls at 4’11. As well as reading and writing, Jeanine enjoys being with friends and hanging out with her dogs.

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Jeanine Ramirez, News Editor

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Jeanine Ramirez