Showing off Academy’s Best

Siobhan Lynch singing for band “Esse Quam” Photo Credits to: Sophia Guerra

The theme of Talent show this year was the “Academy Awards.” The judges of the talent show were Melissa LeBlanc, Paul Sloshberg, Devin Adams, Laura Frazier, Vivian Kimbler, Brian Butterly, Rebecca Zambrano, and Stefanie Zummo. The students running the talent were Mica Wiley, Natalie Smith, and Isabella Gonzalez.

The line-up for the show went as follows:

Emcees: Sarah Castillo and Konner Brewer

They did a great job as emcees. They kept the crowd laughing with their hilarious jokes and many costume changes.

Avery Dierks (11th)– “Warrior” by Demi Lovato

Avery has a powerhouse voice that can get her far. She gave the song so much meaning in the way that she sang it and captured her audience.

Sydney Sommer (10th) & Sophia Bokhari (11th)– “The Actors” from “Fifty Professional Scenes for Student Actors”

Together they created a comical performance that kept the audience laughing.

Juliana Sowers (12th)– “Life in Reality” an original song

Juliana performed her original song acapella style. It was refreshing to hear a new song by one of Academy’s own.

Melissa Alvarado (11th)– “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey

Melissa has a sweet voice that captures the audience. I was entertained the entire time and didn’t want it to end.

Maggie Brekka (12th)– “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Maggie showed a lot of personality in her performance. She moved around the stage and kept the audience entertained.

Amber Orosco (12th) & Ashley Martin (12th)– Banking Demonstrating

These two showed us some greats tips on how to make fabulous cupcakes. They took basic cake mix and made it into something original and new. The samples were a great idea.

Julia Barreto (9th)– “Try” by Colbie Callait

This song inspired many of young women through the way that she sang it. Her voice was mellow and lovely.

Paula Hernandez (11th) & Clarisse Ramos (11th)– “Anna Sun” by Walk the Moon

Clarisse did a great job singing. She has a quiet and sweet voice that captures you. Paula did an amazing job of playing the guitar.

Courtney Mastrorio (12th)– Dancing to “Not About Angels” from the Fault In Our Stars

Courtney’s dance was amazing. We love seeing her talent here at Academy.

Siobhan Lynch (12th), Kaitlyn Prieboy (12th), & Samira Mantri (12th)– Mashup

They did a great job of choosing to mash up these songs. They flowed well together and was a great ending to the talent show.


The winners were:

In First place, Siobhan Lynch, Kaitlyn Priceboy, and Samira Mantri.

In Second place, Juliana Sowers.

In Third place, Courtney Mastrorio.

Overall the experience of the talent show was described as “artistic and great” by Gaby Ruiz (senior). Jaime Jurado (junior) said, “I had a great time watching all of the acts and love seeing all the talent we have here at Academy.”