9 Ways to Save on Your Prom


Photo Credit: Karlee Nipper

The Straz center is a great place to take pre-prom photos!

It’s that time of year ladies! Yes, It’s Prom season. For the class of 2016, this is their first time attending the upperclassmen privilege, and as for seniors it’s just one more event in the countdown for graduation. Either way, no one wants to spend more than they should on prom necessities. Here, ACHONA reveals the secret money saving tips of our Academy girls.

  1. Borrow Dresses– This is a biggie. No one ever questions why there is a formal gown hanging on a locker because we all know someone is borrowing it! Just look for someone with the same body type, height, and taste. By borrowing you avoid (1): searching and paying for a dress, and (2): alterations.
  2. Spray Tans- Now these can be tricky, but not as bad as laying out and getting a sunburn or uneven lines.
  3. Friends do makeup- We all have those friends who are wizards with makeup, so by asking a friend to do your makeup can save major money. Also, the familiarity with them will make you more comfortable about expressing the look you’re going for.
  4. Friends do hair- Same goes for the hair. Just make sure to have all the supplies for them, so they can do exactly what you want!
  5. Minimize supplies for the night- Instead of carrying around the clutch filled with emergency items (that in some weird instance you may need), just bring what you know you definitely will. Leave the makeup remover wipes and charger at home ,and just bring necessities like your phone, money, and any reapplying makeup (like eyeliner and lipstick). Your gentlemanly date should be more than willing to let you put them in his pocket for the evening or any other safe space.
  6. Jewelry- Simplify it. Try a simple necklace and or earrings, and you’ve already got your class ring plus a corsage so no need for rings or bracelets. Or spice it up! Many girls have been testing a newest trend by adding a slim gold or silver arm cuff to their arm candy.
  7. Simple shoe- If you’re lucky enough to attend more than one dance, it is best to choose a shoe that matches both your dresses so you do not spend more than you should!
  8. Do your own nails-  Going DIY on your own nails can save you anywhere up to $70. Besides, if you get a nick or a chip you’ll be able to touch it up yourself without having to run to the nail salon and question which color you got ‘Hawaiian Orchid’ or ‘I Think in Pink.’
  9. Drive yourself- Many couples have opted out of the regular limousine routine to drive themselves to their dances. This saves so much money considering limos or party buses can cost anywhere around $100 a couple.

So use these tips for when the time dwindles down to save money, and time for all of your prom preparations.