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Karlee Nipper
Walking down the halls off Academy, it’s hard to miss the bubbly laughter and “so bad they’re funny” puns made by the one and only Karlee Nipper.  The senior features editor, who loves to throw up a peace sign and share her puns, is the type of girl who will go out of her way to try and learn more about her sisters.  Joining ACHONA meant that she could see more of what goes on inside of Academy. The reason she became features editor was so she could learn new things everyday about events her other sisters take part in.  “By doing this I am able to strike a conversation with a girl I'm unfamiliar with. I love to connect with girls and learn about them.”  When not working on Achona-based things, she focusing on college applications and organizing a 5K, in January, with The Shoe That Grows which gives shoes to the children of La Victoria.  “I know I have to do the hard stuff now to get into the really fun stuff and I know in the end, it's gonna be worth the time I put into it.” She comments on how her year is going.  Whenever she needs a break from all of the stresses that surround her life,  Karlee likes to head to the gym.  She spends most of her time on the treadmill because while organizing the 5K, she also plans on running it.  She finds it freeing and an easy way to get stress out.  As for the future, Karlee plans to volunteer at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium working in the sea turtle rehab department this summer.  It’s hard to miss Karlee fawning over dolphins or talking about how happy she is. No day is a bad day when Karlee’s there to cheer you up!

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Karlee Nipper, Features Editor

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Karlee Nipper