AHN MacBook sticker trends

“The more stickers the better, stickers make me happy” – Nyla Jacobs


Credit: Kendall Bulleit

“The Stickers overlapping give the laptop an effortless look” -11th grader Zoe Cuva

Choosing the perfect stickers to put on your computer at the beginning of the school year can be a long and stressful process. There are so many decisions you have to take into account including “How many do I want?” and “What category do I want to focus on?” which can become overwhelming. And if these decisions do not cause enough stress as it is, the amount of time they take to be shipped and delivered can put you over the edge.

To help navigate through the sticker world, it can be broken down into 5 main categories that high school girls can choose from. These categories can highlight the personalities of people, giving you a little more insight to their interests.

The first category is the girly theme, mainly containing shades of pinks and purples. The designs can vary from simple flowers to quotes about feminism, or a little bit of both. Most of the time, a favorite food is usually thrown into the mix, with doughnuts or ice cream frequently used.

12th grader Remi Storch's laptop displays the girly style
“My favorite Sticker is the pug because it reminds me of my own dogs” -12th grader Remi Storch. Credit: Kendall Bulleit


People can also have a nature theme for their stickers. These stickers consist of scenery from visually pleasing sights or different types of animals that people love. Junior Audrey Dunn said, “I immediately thought of nature and wanted my computer to have a theme comprised of scenery that I liked because I have to see it everyday.” These stickers help to carry the most beautiful views from around the world and transfer them into the classroom. 

11th grader Audrey Dunn's laptop shows a theme of nature
“I wanted to focus on my overall vibe and bring it into the classroom with me” -11th grader Audrey Dunn. Credit: Kendall Bulleit

The next popular category for stickers is hipster. Hipster is the widest group because it can consist of patterns, logos from people’s favorite bands, or anything in between. The colors mainly stay between black, white, and rainbow within a single design. Hipster is the main category used to express people’s deeper emotions and interests in a trendy manner.

12th grader Gabi Vivero's laptop demonstrates a hipster style
“My favorite sticker is the ‘OK, But first coffee’ because I am addicted to coffee” -12th grader Gabi Vivero. Credit: Kendall Bulleit

People who focus on their favorite TV shows and movies also have their own category. These people use quotes or noticeable designs that came from their favorite Netflix choice. The most common stickers derive from the Harry Potter Series, Friends, and Disney movies. Sophomore Nyla Jacobs said, “I automatically thought of Disney Movies and my favorite characters which led me to Stitch.” These stickers remind students throughout the day of their most loved shows or movies to watch on TV.

10th grader Nyla Jacobs's laptop illustrates her favorite Disney character, Stitch
“My favorite sticker is my OHANA because it is my life motto” -10th grader Nyla Jacobs. Credit: Kendall Bulleit


The last category is not necessarily a specific group, but rather a combination of all the types of stickers available. People pick a few favorites from each set of stickers, to create a style that fits their personality. Everyone has a different view of this because everyone has different interests. Some people want their computer to look visually attractive overall, while some focus on each single sticker. When asked her preference, Junior Hope Rossi said, “I’m more focused on single stickers but I do want the colors to visually mesh well together, complementing each other.”

11th grader Kate Scalan's laptop displays a combination
“I have four main themes on my computer which are cats, the Office quotes, Harry Potter, and symbols that describe me” -11th grader Kate Scanlan. Credit: Kendall Bulleit

Most of the upperclassmen teachers, according to History teacher, Dana Nazaretian, “do not really pay much attention to the stickers,” while English teacher, Melissa LeBlanc says, “It is interesting to see the freshman stickers because it gives me more of an insight to their personalities because some of them are quiet so I learn a little more about them that I wouldn’t expect.” The teachers’ views depend on whether they know their students or have new girls who they want to learn a little more about.

“The fact that she had a very specific sticker from the Office, ‘Jailhouse Mike’, I couldn’t help but laugh on the inside because it is one of those things that you only know if you are really into the show because it is so random.” -English Teacher Melissa LeBlanc about 9th grader Brianna Benito’s laptop. Credit: Melissa LeBlanc

Overall, stickers can be a break from school as you view them throughout the day and they also provide a little bit more understanding of people you don’t necessarily talk to everyday, bringing AHN just that much closer.