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Kendall Bulleit
Kendall Bulleit is Achona’s 2016-2017 Editor-in-Chief, Academy’s volleyball team captain, president of Ambassadors Club, and an overall outstanding member of the senior class. Kendall has been a staff writer on Achona for the last two years and has shown outstanding work especially in reporting stories about Academy life and teachers. In school, her favorite subject is Math, especially AP Calculus which she is taking this year, and Physics.

Outside of school and sports, Kendall enjoys playing the piano, reading, and going to Universal/Islands of Adventure. This year, she is most excited to spend as much time as possible with her friends and family members before she leaves for college and to join the track team for the very first time. As a huge Harry Potter enthusiast, Kendall has received a diploma from the Online Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is framed in her bedroom.

Kendall hopes to enter into the business school at the University of Notre Dame, which she has aspired to attend all her life. Go Irish! With this degree, she would like to eventually run her own company.

Kendall loves country music, and it happens to run in her blood. Her grandmother’s band from back in the day is a new addition to the Country Music Hall of Fame. In addition, if she had to choose her last meal, it would be a chicken and cheese burrito from Moe’s and Cold Stone mint and twix ice cream.

Everyone who is close to Kendall knows her to be warm, considerate, and capable of many great things in the future. He extra toe has never slowed her down!IMG_0148

Kendall Bulleit, Editor-in-Chief

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Kendall Bulleit